The holidays are chock-full of markets and pop-up shopping opportunities, and Modern Midwest wanted in.

A lifestyle brand operating in partnership with Fast Horse, Modern Midwest saw the annual season of giving-and-getting as the perfect opportunity to take their experience offline and interact with their community face-to-face.

An identity was developed that directly reference the mid-century modernism that informs much of the brands published content. Social posts, banner images and printed collateral were just a few of the many pieces produced to support the event.

Modern_Market_Content_Artboard 2.jpg
Modern_Market_Content_Artboard 4.jpg
Modern_Market_Content_Artboard 5.jpg
Modern_Market_Content_Artboard 6.jpg
Modern_Market_Content_Artboard 7.jpg
Modern_Market_Content_Artboard 8.jpg

Client: Modern Midwest; created while employed at Fast Horse
Role: Design, Art Direction, Illustration