Wholly Guacamole was eager to shake things up, and shaking a tambourine or two seemed like a good way to start.

To bring a tour and concert to life you need quite a few designed materials. Specifically: you'll need everything from the original identity and launch announcements to promotional posters, t-shirts and other swag, directional signage and stage banners.

Ultimately, the tour concluded with a festival headlined by the Cold War Kids and backed by a chosen group of aspiring acts — carefully from a select handful of America's most musical cities.

Live_Wholly_Tour_Content_Artboard 7.jpg
Live_Wholly_Tour_Content_Artboard 9.jpg
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Live_Wholly_Tour_Content_Artboard 24.jpg

Client: Wholly Guacamole; created while employed at Fast Horse
Role: Design, Art Direction, Illustration